Hemp oil is very beneficial as essential in the treatment of various diseases and disorders. It alleviates stress, stomach problems, neurological disorders among other things. So, it is difficult to accept that such a helpful substance can also be harmful. However, if it is used improperly, hemp oil can have some negative side effects – albeit minor.

It may neutralize other drugs in the body, for example, hepatic drugs. Studies show that consumption of hemp oil may inhibit hepatic drugs and thus decrease p-glycoproteins in the body. They negatively impact the P450 liver enzymes and may lead to a slew of disorders and diseases like liver diseases.

Hemp oil can also cause cardiac dysfunction. This oil contains unsaturated fatty acids. Although these fats are considered very healthy to the body, too much of it can cause cardiac dysfunction. The fats block the veins and thus constrict blood flow. This, in turn, precipitates cardiac failure.

Hemp oil can negatively affect people with Parkinson’s disease. High doses of hemp oil may increase tremors and abnormality in muscle movement for those who have Parkinson’s. Although hemp oil is effective in treating this disease, high doses may increase muscle spasms and tremors.

Also, it has been found that people who take high doses of hemp oil may feel too calm and sleepy, which may affect your productivity in the workplace. This only happens when you consume a high level of CBD.

Overdoing on hemp oil may also cause diarrhea. This only occurs in isolated incidents and research suggest that carrier oils like MCT oil may be the cause. Sensitivity to carrier oils can upset the gastrointestinal system especially when you consume hemp oil in large quantities.

Hemp oil can also cause a dry mouth. This is usually temporary and is referred to as cotton mouth. It is neither dangerous nor permanent. It can be solved by drinking water.

Hemp oil can also cause blood coagulation. This is because it leads to thickening of the blood. Normally, hemp oil is the cure for this ailment but when consumed in large quantities it can be harmful to the body.

It can also cause tumor cell regeneration. It is notable that this oil is effective in fighting cancer by causing the reproduction of cells that heal the body. It is considered vital in the treatment of skin conditions that require constant cell regeneration. However, too much fatty acids can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Hemp oil can also cause brain problems. This is because excessive consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids creates an imbalance that stunts brain development.

Hemp oil can act as an immune suppressor. Hemp oil contains poly-unsaturated fatty acids which can weaken the immune system.

in a nutshell, hemp oil can have some side effects when you overdose on it. This is why it is advisable to consult your doctor to recommend a proper dosage.

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